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Push Your Competitive Edge, Become a Certified AutoCAD Technician

AutoCAD is an application program that uses computer-aided design for drafting 2D and 3D figures. The software has applications in architecture, manufacturing, and construction for creating engineering plans and blueprints. We often use the term drafters to refer professional AutoCAD users. AutoCAD was one of the first CAD programs capable of running on personal computers. The parent of this software is interact, a program written in a proprietary language. At the time of release, it used primitive entities like lines, circles, arcs, polygons and text for the construction of complex objects. It later used a C++ API to support custom objects. The current AutoCAD comes with a complete set of tools for 3D and solid modeling. It supports many other application programming interfaces for customization and automation.

The software has an extremely user-friendly interface, especially for 2D and layers. AutoCAD stands itself out from other 3D programs as it offers a more technical functionality that has a direct implementation in areas like industrial design, mechanical design, and even aerospace engineering. This software is different from animation programs that only provide a blank canvas on which you have to build everything from scratch.

One of the industries where this software is most commonly used is an architecture. Architects use this software to create sophisticated design concepts or to map out different construction stages. AutoCAD is often used by interior designers to have a detailed view of the interior spaces. Civil Engineers use Civil 3D which has specific tools for designing bridges, tunnels, roads and other structures that need the incorporation of geographical features. Mechanical engineers use this software to create prototypes for products or to plan the whole manufacturing process. The software has applications in many other areas like Electrical Engineering, Surveying, and Structural Engineering, etc.

There are abundant job opportunities for AutoCAD designers in various fields. An Associate degree is usually enough for an entry level position as a technical drafter. Most AutoCAD technicians work for 40 hours a week in a comfortable working environment. The average salary of an AutoCAD designer in India is Rs 203,588 per year. Growth in this field is dependent on the industry and the level of specialization.

CCube Competency Certification Centre facilitates AutoCAD certifications in product design, construction, and building. As it is the only vendor-neutral certification center, this certification will help you stand yourself apart from the crowd. 




CCube is India’s fastest growing vendor-neutral competency certification centre. CCUBE’s comprehensive online tests certify the competencies of students and professionals. CCUBE currently having certification in concepts and software related to the domains of Architectural Engineering and Construction, Product Design & Analysis, and Project Management.

Promoted by a team of professionals with decades of experience in training engineering and project management software tools, CCube certifications are ultimate proof of expertise of candidates. Our certifications are accepted by industries across all engineering domains, globally.


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