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How to prove your SAP certification?

In today’s competitive world, it is important to possess special technological skills. If you want to enjoy significant advantage and place over your peer, gain a competitive edge by learning special skills such as SAP software. For those who understand the importance of SAP certification, they are familiar with the wide range of opportunities that comes along with this certification. Nevertheless, SAP certification is truly essential in today’s competitive marketplace.

Moreover, the fact is SAP consultants work very hard to earn the certification. For those, who have secured their certification, will aspire to show that to the world and justify the efforts involved. There are also people who just claim to have it despite the reality. Therefore, it is important to determine methods to distinguish between people who have it and who do not. Now, it raises a question on whether it is possible to determine that someone who claims to have it really has it?

Proof via Tool

Yes! SAP is providing a dedicated tool that makes it possible to do the “certification check” regarding the person who claims to have earned it. Only those who have earned it can manage his/her certification(s). They have a facility to update their personal information, make significant changes in information, and review current certification at any point in time. A significant feature of the tool is that it allows publishing one’s credentials to “SAP Certified Consultant Registry”.


Working on the Tool

The working involved with the tool is easy and convenient. Those who have completed their SAP certification are provided with login credentials by SAP. Availability of credential makes it easy for the consultant to manage the certification. The important points listed within the certification can be converted to URL and added to a CV (Curriculum Vitae).

Please take a note: - Once cleared the SAP certification, it will take around 10-14 days to view it in the registry. For someone who has earned it in the past and does not have an account in the tool, places a request for the same to SAP Education Department.

So, you can easily give a valid proof through globally recognized SAP certification. Attach it to your CV and gain a competitive edge in your career with it. 



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