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Creo Parametric Interview Questions

With the advancement of technology, the 3D technology has touched design industries. Creo Parametric Certification is something that can add value to a candidate’s knowledge and skills in the 3D market. A candidate can easily qualify any interview or entrance examinations conducted during the hiring process for industry if he or she has a Creo Parametric Certification. 

A candidate appearing for a job opening in Cero parametric profile may face questions such as:
•    The difference between object reference and geometric associativity
•    The file extensions given to parts, assemblies, sketches or drawings.
•    The process to create a new part or an assembly.
•    The use of file.
•    Definition of a trial file.
•    Meaning of ‘store back’.
•    Difference between File — > Save and File — > Backup.
•    Difference between File — > Erase and File — > Delete
•    What Drawing.dtl file is
•    Difference between One Side and Both Sides in extrusion
•    How dimensions of a feature are changed
•    New name for Pro/Engineer
•    Which company produces Pro/E
•    Function of trail.txt file in Cero Elements (Pro/E)
•    What are Mapkeys
•    Number of Geometric tolerance symbols are in Pro/E 
•    The names of six common assumptions a sketcher makes
•    Definition of “Parametric Feature Based Modeling”
•    Tolerance formats that should not be used.

Above are some of the common questions that are asked through a Cero Parametric job employment process. Some may be challenging, but some may be a pleasure for those who are already a pro in this domain. 

How does Creo Parametric Certification help?

A professional certification in such an amazing and creative domain can validate a candidate’s skills and knowledge and make his profile stand out among others. CCUBE, one of the arms of the CADD Centre for Technical Training and Development offers a certification program, making interested candidates experts in this 3D modeling technology.




CCube is India’s fastest growing vendor-neutral competency certification centre. CCUBE’s comprehensive online tests certify the competencies of students and professionals. CCUBE currently having certification in concepts and software related to the domains of Architectural Engineering and Construction, Product Design & Analysis, and Project Management.

Promoted by a team of professionals with decades of experience in training engineering and project management software tools, CCube certifications are ultimate proof of expertise of candidates. Our certifications are accepted by industries across all engineering domains, globally.


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