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Claim Your Expertise in Building Professions with Revit Certification

Autodesk Revit is a software for architectural design and documentation used by building professionals and architects. Created by Autodesk, Revit architecture consists of certain tools and features that support the workflows of building information modelling (BIM). By using BIM instead of CAD, so it can make use of dynamic information in intelligent models. This ability allows the designing and documentation of complex building structures in a small amount of time. Revit Architecture represents these intelligent models as a whole project and stores them in a single database file. This way, any changes made in one part reflect all the other parts of the model leading to an improved workflow for Revit Architecture users.

Revit Architecture follows the building information modelling approach which is significantly better when compared to the traditional drafting-based approach. Revit is a useful tool when it comes to conceptual design. It's building components are intelligently connected to one another making it quick to react to changes. It comes with a complete library of building design components and offers a high level of flexibility to its users.

Building professionals and architects prefer this software as it helps them reduce risks and gives them an insightful analysis of how a building will perform before starting the construction. Schools of architecture that teach architecture can use this software to provide the students a real world experience for building high-impact 3D models using a BIM workflow. Firms that deliver engineering, and architectural services may use this software for fast-tracking of intricate designs and create accurate building designs.

People who pursue a career in architectural and building professional fields get many benefits for being able to use Revit Architecture. The BIM workflow aims to maximize productivity, at the same time, it streamlines the workflows of your design and documentation. It speeds the progress of a project and makes automatic updates throughout the model for small design changes. The average salary of a Project Architect is Rs 600,798 and for a Design Architect, it is Rs 359,117. Revit brings you a multi-talented profile, so its advantages go beyond those of AutoCAD. 

Engineering students and professional can validate their skills in Revit Architecture by getting a Revit Architecture certification from CCube Competency Certification Centre. This certification ensures proficiency in developing more accurate and high-quality architectural designs. Revit Certification will help you stay competitive in 3D visualization and Autodesk Building Design.




CCube is India’s fastest growing vendor-neutral competency certification centre. CCUBE’s comprehensive online tests certify the competencies of students and professionals. CCUBE currently having certification in concepts and software related to the domains of Architectural Engineering and Construction, Product Design & Analysis, and Project Management.

Promoted by a team of professionals with decades of experience in training engineering and project management software tools, CCube certifications are ultimate proof of expertise of candidates. Our certifications are accepted by industries across all engineering domains, globally.


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