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Advantages of becoming Certified Ethical Hacking


The first thing that runs through our mind when we hear the word hacking is a security breach. However, ethical hacking isn’t breaching, it is a legitimate practice for identifying the security vulnerabilities of any organization. The organization employs certified Ethical Hackers for this job and pay them handsome money for being a “White Hat” hacker to search for the security vulnerabilities that could give an opportunity to potential hackers to enter the system. If you love hacking and are looking for a legitimate way to apply it, certified ethical hacking is the best solution, it has many advantages which are illustrated below.


  1. You become a heroic figure in the eyes of the public and the government by helping them to fight against terrorism and other anti-social activities. With your knowledge of ethical hacking, you can save your nation from malicious hacker attack.
  2. You become a credible source for the organization to explain the client about the security standard being implemented in the system and its validity. The organization would never want to lose a credible source for the sake of client’s satisfaction making you important for the organization and thereby increasing your career prospects.
  3. The digital age powered by the internet inspires the involvement of ethical hacking in every aspect of computing to eliminate the threat of malicious attacks which makes it a win-win situation for certified ethical hacker in terms of career growth and finding opportunities.
  4. The organizations give attractive salary package to the certified Ethical Hacker because they do not wish to compromise the security of the system. They give handsome salary to ethical hacker so that he can save the organization from a security breach.
  5. The knowledge gain in ethical hacking is never ending. Every system is different and its applications and the criticality of security varies. Working with different types of system and finding the various ways it can be hacked provides you immense knowledge. Additionally, a certified ethical hacker has a sound knowledge of various hacking tools which adds to their knowledge of technology expanding their future prospects.


In conclusion, we can say that ethical hacking is a legitimate hacking tactic used to check for the system vulnerabilities. The certified ethical hacker has the sound knowledge and legal permission to hack the system for the benefit of the organization. The digital age succors the growth of ethical hackers both in terms of financial and educational. So if you have the hacker instinct in you then getting Certified as an Ethical Hacking is the best ethical choice for you.



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