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Ace Your Drupal Certification Exam

Are you a Drupal 8 developer? Do you wish to add a mark of excellence to your knowledge? Acquia Drupal 8 Developer Exam is a great choice to look at for any developer. The exam will not only test your knowledge of Drupal but also help you to consider best practices and enhance your understanding Drupal standards. Therefore, Acquia certification exam can stand as a great way to motivate yourself as a developer.

Before you start to panic, break the complete exam procedure into three important components:

  • Review the Requirement
  • Studying
  • Taking the Exam

Review the Requirements

Not all the exams are meant to tease your theoretical nerve. Acquia certification exams heavily focus on real-life condition that developers face every day. It nowhere asks for any level of experience but having six months of Drupal experience on decent sized projects will be an add-on.

For your information, the exam is multiple choice and you have an option to take it online or offline. If you opt for an online exam, make sure to stay on the desk throughout the exam. It is mandatory to have a webcam and electronic devices such as watches and fitness trackers are not allowed.


Your exam preparation should essentially cover the following domains. Don’t miss any!

Fundamental Web Development Concepts

This may come with a win-win situation if you’re able to cope with advanced CSS, responsive design, and principals of OOP PHP. If any of these terms are trouble giving, then brush up on the following concepts.

Front-End Developer (Theming)

This is what differentiates Drupal 8 from Drupal 7. It is important to cover the template overrides, functions, TWIG filters, structures, and functions. In addition to it, preprocess level on Drupal 8 is identical to Drupal 7, and so a quick go-through will remain sufficient. The next major component that requires emphasis is sub-themes and libraries in Drupal 8.

Back-End Development (Coding)

Welcome to the completely new world in Drupal 8! If you are not familiar with OOP concepts and principals, it is recommended to return to Fundamental Web Development Concepts and review it first. However, a basic understanding of Symfony components inclusive of events and routes will be good to help.

Site Building

Those who have experienced Drupal 7, this will not bring much trouble. Drupal 8 is identical to its previous iterations but there are a few new concepts in place including view modes, form modes, and technique to work with blocks. If you are not familiar with the new field types provided by the core, it can be useful to configure one or two content and check how it all comes together.

Taking the Exam!

The exam is not tricky and is meant to examine the experience of developers who work with Drupal. There are no severe time constraints so, take your time, go through all questions and put in your best.

Good Luck! 



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